Tooth Coloured Fillings

Unsightly mercury fillings can now be replaced by Natural Tooth Coloured Fillings to improve the look of your smile.

Previously Amalgam (silver) fillings were the most popular choice to fix dental decay. Today, however, there are many options available to restore your smile. Virtually invisible, White Fillings make your teeth appear whiter and brighter than before.

Many people have amalgam (silver) fillings that have progressively blackened over time and caused staining of the teeth. Composite Resin, also known as white fillings or tooth coloured fillings, is a mixture of tooth-coloured plastic filled with silicon oxide (glass) used to fill cavities or tooth decay. The filling restores the damaged parts of teeth, prevents further damage, and returns it to its normal function. More importantly, white fillings make the restoration look more natural as it matches the colour of your natural teeth.

White Fillings can be placed in a single visit. One of their main functional advantages is that they are bonded to the tooth surface, meaning the joins are sealed preventing further decay of the surrounding tooth structure.

Many people now choose to have their fillings replaced to achieve a natural appearance.

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